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Already more than 70 years of activity

At Manica we look to the future with confidence and intend to strengthen our market position in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the rest of the world, remaining in the sector of copper-based products, particularly suitable for organic farming and for thousands of farmers, who use them with full respect for the environment and people’s health. As well as in the rest of the sectors in which we are strongly implemented, such as animal nutrition, industry and biocidal products.


We market products, mainly fungicides, for crop protection, offering products to professional farmers through a network of collaborators that cover the entire peninsular territory.

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VIRGO is a biological insecticide based on the Carpocapsa Granulosis Virus (CpGV). It is an extremely specific Baculovirus, therefore capable of reproducing exclusively at the expense of Carpocapsa (Cydia Pomonella) ; the product acts only on the larvae and only by ingestion. Suitable for organic farming.


OSSIRAME 35 WG is a contact fungicide – bactericide based on Copper Oxychloride, formulated in water-dispensable granules (WG), which inhibits the development of diseases caused by fungal and bacterial pathogens. Suitable for organic farming.

ossirame 35wg
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LIMOCIDE is a biocontrol product registered as a natural fungicide, insecticide and acaricide based on orange essential oil, which acts by contact on soft-bodied insects and the aerial organs of fungi, providing an effective shock effect both preventive and curative and eradicant, suitable for numerous uses in different crops.

Effective results, Guaranteed quality

We work for an future plus sustainable in everyone the scopes.

Green Chemistry: Sustainability at its finest

The commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone for us as a chemical company. Over the years, we have made an effort to work with renewable energies, significantly reducing our CO 2 emissions and our carbon footprint. Our raw materials have already experienced their transformation costs, and we also avoid waste by-products, reducing waste.

We use more and more green co-formulants of natural origin in our formulations, and we were the first to introduce the politainer in the agricultural market, reducing plastic by 60% compared to a standard container.

The guarantee of growing safely while respecting the rules

The numerous controls and certifications of all production processes are the result of complex procedures to guarantee excellence, which require a team of competent people dedicated to quality, safety, environment and product registrations.

Our commitment is a continuous effort that ensures the excellence of our products, meeting the specific requirements of customers and distributors around the world.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

And in our factory, in Italy:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015
UNI ISO 45001:2018

An institutional commitment to use copper conscientiously

We are the main registrar of copper sulfate in Europe, according to the REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances).

We are members of the international association that brings together producers of macro minerals, trace element compounds and specific minerals for animal nutrition.

We are one of the founding companies, and we defend 4 copper salts approved as active substances for phytosanitary use in Agriculture.

Our copper sulfate is the only one authorized as an active ingredient for the production of Type 2 biocides products, in accordance with Regulation 528/2012.