Industrias Omicron 

INDUSTRIAS OMICRON was founded in 1989 and began with the production of copper oxychloride, which is used to prevent fungal diseases in a wide variety of crops.

Industrias Omicron has a quality system certified by Bureau Veritas according to ISO 9001:2015 (Certification Number ES116043) and ISO 14001:2015 (Certification Number ES116042)

Production is carried out in a closed cycle, recirculating the raw material and minimizing waste, which is treated in accordance with local and European regulations.

We use the purest copper and other raw materials to reduce heavy metals to virtually undetectable levels, more than meeting the most restrictive standards.

Certified quality system

Member of the European Copper Task Force

High quality products

In 2007 Industrias Omicron was integrated into the Manica group, through its acquisition by Manica Cobre, the Spanish subsidiary of Manica SpA.

Manica SpA, a family business established in 1948 in Rovereto (Trento) Italy, is one of the largest producers of copper salts in Europe.

A member of the European Copper Task Force owns the data for most of its Cu derivatives within the Task Force and is currently developing full dossiers for its formulations. The company is present throughout the world supplying high quality products to various markets such as electronics or animal feed.

High availability

Industrial zone perfectly communicated

The Industrias Omicron factory is located in an industrial area, perfectly connected to the freeway network and with quick and easy access to some main Mediterranean ports, such as Valencia, Tarragona or Barcelona. For European customers, we usually deliver by truck, due to high availability in our area.

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Our customers and suppliers know the value not only of the quality of our products but of the assistance of our team, always in search of excellence.